#IFMAFMCC #WorldFMDay 2017 Recap/Recording #LiveSlot1733 “Golden Age of FM Coming” by Ondřej Štrup, IFMA Fellow “4th Industrial Revolution: Open Space for Increase of Services" live from Czech Republic

Ondrej Strup

Date / Time:

  • Prague: 18.05.2017, 12:00 (12pm)
  • Houston: 18.05.2017, 05:00 (5am)
  • UTC:  18.05.2017, 10:00 (10am)


Ondřej Štrup, IFMA Fellow; Secretary FMCC; CEO, Hein Consulting CZ; CEO, FM Institute




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#IFMAFMCC #WorldFMDay 2017 #LiveSlot1733 “Golden Age of FM Coming” by Ondřej Štrup, IFMA Fellow

“4th Industrial Revolution: Open Space for Increase of Services” live from Czech Republic

We are now entering the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution. What has been and is characteristic of the particular stages in history, as indicated by the current onset of the 4th Industrial Revolution and what this means for our Facility Management. Why I would like to indicate that the 4th Industrial Revolution opens the Golden Age of Facility Management.

Learning Objectives:
 1. Characteristics of Industrial Revolution, especially the 1st – 4th Industrial Revolutions
2. What awaits us in the 4th Industrial Revolution
3. Roles of new technologies and robotics
4. Where will the unnecessary workforce go?

Presenter(s) Biography:

Ondrej Strup

Ondřej Štrup, IFMA Fellow; Secretary FMCC; CEO, Hein Consulting CZ; CEO, FM Institute


Ondřej Štrup, IFMA Fellow – Senior Consultant at Hein Consulting CZ (A management consultancy supporting clients in the area of Facility Management, Technology and People Management), principal lecturer at FM Institute. Founder and Past President of IFMA CZ. Past Vice Chair of EuroFM.

He was founded in 2000, the Czech branch of the International Association IFMA CZ. All the history of this Chapter he was member of the Board of IFMA CZ and in the years 2000 – 2003 and 2011 – 2015 as President of IFMA CZ. From 2012 – 2014 he was Vice Chair of EuroFM association. He is member of the Board of FMCC (FM Consultant Council) of IFMA on the Secretary position (2016) and member of IFMA Europe Advisory Board.

He initiated and contributed significantly to the preparation of the IFMA World Congress in 2003 and EFMC in 2013 in Prague. He holds several awards IFMA and IFMA CZ, in the year 2013 he was designated IFMA Fellow. He represents the Czech Republic in the CEN / TC 348 (EN 15221). At the same time represents the Czech Republic in the ISO PC 251 (ISO 55000 – Asset Management) and ISO/TC 267 (ISO 41000 – Facility management). Personally he is the guarantor of standardization Facility and Asset Management in Czech Republic.

Ondřej Štrup is an external lecturer of Facility Management at several universities in the Czech Republic. He obtained from the Ministry of Education and Sports official permission to train and certify Facility managers in the country. For this purpose, founded in 2007, FM Institute. Till end of 2016 were trained and received certification by 355 FM experts in Czech Republic.

Ondřej Štrup supported by his FM consultation different front global and local companies (private and public sector). His consultations are focused to FM strategy, FM tenders, FM relocations, FM audits and supporting of optimization of internal company environment. He focuses on the consistent implementation of EU standards in practice. 


FMCC Volunteering:

  • IFMA FMCC Board 2016-2017: Secretary
  • IFMA FMCC STAG Member since 2016
  • World FM Day 2016 Event Team
  • World FM Day 2016 Moderator

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