Collaboration and Cloud Computing

cloud computing and bim

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A second technology trend, cloud computing, is underway throughout the business world in general, following BIM’s steadily expanding role in the world of FM.

Cloud computing provides significant benefits to users by reducing IT management costs.  More interesting to facility managers however is the potential for cloud computing to provide a platform for collaboration.

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Moneyball – Applying it to Facilities Management by Chris Payne

Batter Hitting Baseball

In 2002, the US baseball world was forever changed by the success of the Oakland Athletics team. With a salary bill of 41 million dollars (US) – compared to 125 million dollars (US) paid by the New York Yankees – the Oakland team got comparable results to some of the biggest teams in major league baseball. They also achieve a record-setting winning streak of 20 games and overcame the odds to win the American League West that year. All of these achievements were despite losing three of their strongest players at the end of the previous season. Why? ‘Moneyball’ Continue reading

Top 5 Ways to Reduce Fall Hazard Risk By Kevin Wilcox

fall hazard riskFall protection is a complex and challenging safety issue. But, there are five primary techniques that have demonstrated the most impact on reducing fall hazard risk in Facilities Management. While there are certainly other aspects to a successful fall protection program, employing these five principles has proven to reduce risk. Continue reading

The Value Proposition for Our Clients in FM Consulting By Daniel Goldsmith

value proposition calculatorRecently, I explored the value proposition and how strategic alliance can serve as a means to creating and delivering value.

The discussion on value proposition remains quite relevant in an age where business priorities and competitive challenges remain fluid.

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Little Questions Are The Key To Getting BIG Data By Alana Dunoff

Big DataEveryone is talking about BIG DATA these days –how and why to use it, where it comes from and who is collecting it.

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Professional development for £2 – Standing on the Shoulder of Giants

professional developmentDuring a recent visit to London, I was traveling by train to meet a client. I paid for my ticket and was given among the change, a £2 coin. A number of British coins have writing on the edge and on the coin I had was written the words, “Standing on the shoulder of giants”. Thanks to Google, I found out that the quote is attributed to the English physicist and mathematician Issac Newton who once wrote to a colleague using the expression “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants“. While variations of the expression are attributed to earlier sources, the quote on the £2 coin is a direct reference to Newton. When I read the quote, it made me think of the giants that have helped me advance in my own career. Like many within the facilities management industry, my own career began elsewhere and veered into FM through a combination of chance, good fortune and timing. Along the way have been a number of giants that have helped me learn, develop and grow. Continue reading

The Changing Workplace – How Academic Design Trends are Reshaping Place

There has been a lot of focus on the changing workplace and the changing workforce. But change starts before we enter the workplace.

Academic facilities are also changing today, as they need to meet the attributes of today’s students, just as workplaces are evolving to reflect a new breed of workers. And as these spaces evolve, there is an increasing convergence and blending of academic spaces and work environments. Continue reading

FM Consultants Council Kit Tuveson Scholarship Award for 2015 is Announced!

Stephen Brown

The Kit Tuveson Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce Stephen Brown as the 2015 recipient of the Kit Tuveson Scholarship.  Continue reading

World Workplace 2015 – the excitement builds…What to do at WWP15

World Workplace Denver 2015The core program for World Workplace is advertised from Wednesday October 7th to Friday October 9th but when you review the details on what all is available, there is a different story – some events actually start on October 3rd.

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IFMA FMCC Live Webinar – “Managing Human Error: The Leading Cause Behind Workplace Incidents” by Greg Ford

 Greg Ford

Date: October 1st, 2015
Time: 1:00 – 2:00 PM Eastern Time Zone (USA)

Register today @

Greg Ford, CEO & Co-founder, TalentClick Workforce Solutions Inc.

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